Kreis Consulting

Analyse, Konzeption, Planung und Implementierung von Börsen- und Wertpapier-Software


The consulting work is focused on the capital markets

Various views

  • Business departmnents, using software to perform their duties
  • Financial institutions, using software in general
  • Software manufacturer, providing the application
  • Consulting companies, introducing the software to the market

Various tasks

  • Expert advice when selecting software
  • Creating business concepts
  • Executing business requirements
  • Data set description
  • Test organization and execution
  • Integration of bookkeeping according to IFRS
  • Implementation of standard software


Competent in the exchange and securities business

Operational area -> System integration

Implementing new software in the existing application landscape in trading, settlement, book keeping and risk management with the following topics:

  • Business process analysis -> Definition of business processes incl. interfaces
  • Business concepts -> Definition of new functionalities
  • Quality assurance -> Development and execution of test cases from a user perspective
  • Data set descriptions -> Functional and technical description of the individual data fields

Business knowledge -> Capital markets

Observing the exchange and securities market with the topics:

  • Exchanges -> Organization, functionality and participants
  • Securities trading -> Trading at domestic and international markets
  • Asset classes -> From classic instruments like equities and bonds, via mutual funds, currencies and commodities until derivative products like futures and options

System knowledge -> Software

Usage and functionalities of the applications in the securities and exchange business with the following topics:

  • Front-, middle- and back office -> Applications for an „stp“ workflow or a „best of breed“ solution
  • Securities trading, asset management, risk management -> The right software for each area


Overview of tasks in the executed projects since 1998

Business conception

  • Analysis of the stock exchange and securities transactions for the trading and banking book, to meet statutory reporting requirements
  • Execution, moderation and documentation of workshops with software providers and business departments
  • Preparation of a dataset description for securities transactions to cover reporting requirements
  • Preparation of business concepts for a STP process from a business point of view


  • Setting up internal structures, including personnel management for new business lines
  • Supervision of foreign subsidiaries in business and technical point of view in the transition of securities transactions
  • Executing of the proposal to part-banking license from the Federal Supervisory Office for Banking incl. business plan and concept
  • Developing a business plan for the new area „Sales internet brokerage solutions“
  • Participation in project planning and organization of the release change from a business point of view
  • Presentation of business models to clients and cooperation partners
  • Management the contacts to exchanges, software providers and the General Clearing Member
  • Presentation and negotiations to potential cooperation partners, exchanges, authorities and customers
  • Sales and pre-sales of a software application

Test and quality assurance

  • Planning of regression, module, integration, interface and performance tests
  • Creation of test concepts for all fund types and asset classes
  • Creation of test concepts for the whole business process of securities transactions, from the order module and deal capture to matching, accounting and fund pricing
  • Creation of test concepts for the integration of a software application for the whole „straight-through processing“
  • Creation of test cases in collaboration with the business departments
  • Creation of test cases according the test concepts
  • Execution of tests cases
  • Automation of test cases
  • Error analysis after test execution, including collaboration with the business departments
  • Use of internal databases for documentation and management of test cases and bug fixing

Business processes

  • Description of business processes of securities transactions and existing interfaces
  • Description of the time and content processes and the dependency of sub processes together for a securities transaction
  • Mapping of business processes in the investment banking area (e.g. price gathering, trading, deal capture)


  • Analysis of existing software applications with specified properties
  • Analysis of existing securities trading banks and companies with the focus of “day trading”
  • Development of marketing strategies to introduce a new software application